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We are hosting a beautiful virtual group reading for you to experienceTHE GIFT.
Together we will connect with an energy reading and conversation with The Gift as we explore the topic of confidence and redefine self love. This experience will be held online via zoom.
We hope to see you there as we celebrate the launch of The Gift.

6AM - 9am PST


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Experience an unforgettable conversation

WELCOME HOME | We have a GIFT to share 

You are invited to come join us

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The Gift is a conversation with an energy you can't explain

but you feel with absolute trust and that you know is familiar 

The Gift is here to:

We need a reminder from love.
We need to see a glimmer.

We help you move mountains, so that
you can change your stars.

Who you were born to be - before the world changed you

Change can happen in your life - you don't need to become a new person.

Redefine magic and self love and deliver it in a modern approachable way

Give emotional healing to make room for MORE of what you want in life

Raise your vibration and build your confidence

Connect you back to your authentic self

You step into who you were always meant to be.

The energy is available to us, but not everyone 
speaks the language. So this is just a translation - that you can see in a performance and feel in your soul. 

I am translating light, and a voice of love that wants to bring light to such a dark heavy time. 

Everyone has access to a beautiful pure, loving energy. 

It's how we are able to feel hope and inspiration. 

Hello beautiful - I am Kayla!

I read energy and translate energy for you.

Some would call the gift - channeling

I like to think of it like a performance. I feel that light, the pure loving energy flows through me and I feel at home. 

WAYS to eXPerienCe the giFt

This gift will leave you in awe. You will feel connected to the universe as if love herself were speaking directly to you.

This gift is a channeled experience performed by Kayla Hines where you will receive guidance, reminders, and healing - in a modern approachable way. 

Have an open mind, an open heart, and this unexplainable experience will forever change your life.





The Gift is a conversation with an energy you can't explain

but you feel with absolute trust and that you know is familiar. 

what if you could STEP INTO..

the NEW ERA of YOU

A time where you are unapologetically who you are and
where your "impossible dreams" are within reach

you feel worthy to want and ask for more

you are the main character of your own life

Traci and Kayla are a mother daughter collaboration who are here to bring hope and inspiration to your life. In order to heal from a lifetime of pain, it requires healing at the soul and self level. This fierce duo have helped thousands of souls find acceptance in their painful past while at the same time learn how to create a life full of happy moments.

These two women will capture your heart with their honest and modern approach to what it truly takes to transform your life from the inside out. Overcoming generational trauma, poverty mindset, and beating the odds - feel inspired as you see an authentic magical transformation with more happiness unfolding every day.

Get ready for your soul to spark with hope as you realize these two are the answer you have been searching for. 

Traci & Kayla

your favorite mother daughter duo

the gift is shared

Have any questions about our special event? Maybe you just want to send a little hello and catch up email.. we are so excited to hear from you. It's time for a new era.. together.

San Francisco, California

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We help you                 
so that you can                         

change your stars.

move mountains.

We help you 
so that you can