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Step into you

step into you today

But imagine if you could...

Your indecision leaves you feeling stuck and behind, confused on what option is best and feeling desperate for ANY change... which has lead you to hard lessons in the past.

You feel torn between what you should want.. 
and what you are afraid to want.

you don't want to waste more time following the wrong path

You are ready to make a huge change in life
but you aren't sure what the aligned choice is.

Make your aligned choice with the guidance of TWO EXPERTS who understand HOW to get to the core of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU REALLY WANT??



to STEP INTO      


An overview of our exclusive Step Into You VIP Choice Experience

The VIP Experience 

Conversation Between the Soul & Self


Traci and Kayla will guide you in an immersive visualization process and conversation to:

  • Separate the Soul & Self
  • Put the "Brain on the Shelf"
  • Feel your emotions & merge the minds
  • Identify your ALIGNED CHOICE.

This conversation usually takes 3 hours.

We love meeting in person - but we still create an amazing experience on zoom if needed.

Signature Process

The Lifestyle Design Strategy


Together you will fill out the worksheets from The Strategy Workbook so you understand the full plan of action to support your choice: 

  • The Desire
  • The Clarity
  • The Lifestyle
  • The Motivation
  • The Choice
  • The Review

living with intention





You will walk away with an individualized 90 day commitment to help you transform and create opportunity for yourself.

You will take daily action in your commitments and follow the hope and inspiration over the next 90 days.

Consistent action

with Kayla


Kayla will call to check in with you twice throughout your 90 day stretch to check in on you and assess your progress.

These quick calls are motivating pep talks to keep your motivation high -  and give you a warm hug along your way.


THE REVIEW SESSION with Traci & Kayla


We will wrap up your experience with a review call to celebrate your success and strategize the best next steps for you. This is the perfect time to step into another choice for those looking to make big changes in their life.

45 min on zoom



Kayla will create a custom mp3 to help you connect to your vision and feel motivated and inspired every day in your transformation.


Example of audio mp3 COMING SOON!


“My new beginning started immediately with Traci & Kayla. I feel like magic... And for the first time in a long time, I feel truly alive." 


"Words cannot express how magical this experience truly is. I have NEVER been this inspired or motivated in ANYTHING in my life before this. "


" I have NEVER seen an online course be so beautiful, inspiring, and loaded with content before." 


Price Starting At: $3994

The VIP Choice Experience — $8,944 Value 

Access to exclusive Law of Contrast methods as well as Exclusive Access to Traci & Kayla - you don't have to do it alone, we will hold your hand. We are here to answer as many questions as you have throughout your time in The Choice Experience (Priceless!)  

BONUS Visualization MP3 Kayla will create a custom mp3 to help you connect to your vision and feel motivated and inspired every day  (Valued at $197)

The Review Session to celebrate your success and strategize the best next steps for you. ($800)

BONUS  The Lifestyle Design Strategy Workbook to help guide you through your individual transformations and create a custom individual plan for your 90 Day CCC ($47)

Two Accountability Calls to help keep you on track 
(Valued at $200)

Conversation Between Soul & Self — three hour immersive experience to get to know who you are, what you want, and what your aligned choice is (Valued at $7,500)

Weekly Inspirational Emails to help keep you on track 
(Valued at $200)

step into you today

Love from our clients

I have worked with Traci and Kayla for years and let me tell you: my life has never been the same. I have seen tremendous growth and they have been able to uncover mindsets I never realized were keeping me stuck. When I started working with these lovely ladies I was on track to get married to someone who didn’t make me happy, overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin, I didn’t love myself, and I had no idea who I was. Through my sessions with Traci and Kayla I have completely transformed my life. On top of leaving a relationship that was never meant to be forever, I found self love and acceptance, independence, confidence, my own personal style, financial security, went back to school, progressed in my career, and I lost 50 lbs! 

It’s a lot of work; Traci and Kayla don’t sell some magic drug that makes all your problems disappear, but it is rewarding. And without their help I don’t know where I’d be right now. I will be working with these two as long as they will have me, because each new day I discover something new about myself. Because of them I am able to dream again...but not just dream: Work towards those dreams and make them reality! With Kayla’s strategy I am able to see the steps necessary to keep moving forward. And with Traci’s psychology background I feel safe as I uncover layers that have been piled on since childhood. I cannot recommend Traci and Kayla enough! Don’t take my word for it, try them out for yourself!

What I love about Traci and Kayla is that they just know how to push me to find my true passions and to reinvent myself from what I actually want. I thought I knew. I thought my life made sense but I was miserable and hating myself for not appreciating what seemed like a good life. I will admit I had to undo a few things, like the relationship that had died long ago, I was scared of being alone and settled. I decided to get real and honest with her and she helped me get to where I am now. I moved to a new city, have a very exciting and meaningful career that actually pays me what I am worth AND I am currently dating. It is so refreshing to date now that I know more fully who I am and what I want out of life. I ditched drama and am looking for a compliment. I am forever grateful for her honesty and expertise. They literally took a tired and worn-out soul and helped me get to the confident and more importantly happy person that I am today. It wasn’t perfect or easy, but it has lasted. 

These ladies have this gift of seeing not only what I want to reinvent, but how to get there. Honestly, priceless. I can’t recommend Traci and Kayla enough and tell all my friends, if they want to stop waiting for it, to look her up! Best investment I have made in myself ever. 

I am obsessed with the Lifestyle Design Strategy in every possible way. Kayla put her heart and soul into this beautiful workbook, and it shows. 

I love the design of is clear, easy to understand and follow, and the design is gorgeous. 

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start because the end result seems so far away, but this takes you step by step and makes the journey seem not only possible, but exciting! You can feel the love in every page. 

She actually genuinely wants you to succeed, and will tell you how to get lasting change based on personal experience. I love her (and Traci) and will be following them for whatever magic comes next.


"Words cannot express how magical this experience truly is. I have NEVER been this inspired or motivated in ANYTHING in my life before this." 

Ready to make the choice that sparks transformation in your life?

step into you and watch your life transform from the inside out.

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