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progress not perfection


how to create routines that support your success


breaking the cycle of starting and stopping


the pivotal moment of transformation


You can have it all - just not all at once


don't overcomplicate things


the difference between wishing and goal setting


Hosts Traci and Kayla help show you who you are, what you want, and how to actually get the results you are looking for. This mother/daughter collaboration will not only help you get clear on who you want to become, but also help you understand the behavioral patterns that hold you back in the process.

Start your journey


The first step to create any change - is to make a choice to. Today you can choose to change your life.

tv show

create the best year yet

Follow along with our weekly tv show (hosted on YouTube) where we will be guiding you in practical ways to change your life - and find the magic within you.

You are ready for more  - it's time for the REAL YOU, the confident you.

This is your moment.



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How to make time for your Side Hustle

Episode 214

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Getting out of your comfort zone

Episode 282

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An interview with our girl Jenna Kutcher

Episode 304

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This mother/daughter collaboration will capture your hearts and change your life. Their combination of psychology, trauma aware advice, goal setting, youtube, lifestyle, habits, routines, accountability and motivation style is the missing link in the self help section. 

Served best with a cup of coffee and an open heart. 

Your hostesses to inspire and motivate you

Traci & Kayla













We have been hired by Morgan Stanley, Google, and a few startups in the SF Bay Area to speak. Inspiring others is our purpose. 


We traveled as a family to Europe for Kayla's wedding in Paris, France and Sofia, Bulgaria.


Our first office was down on Wall Street in New York City. 


There's more!

Oh, But wait...

"This show makes my heart so happy!!! These two amazing women know how to tell stories, make you laugh, and inspire you in just 30 mins!!! You can't walk away from listening to them without grinning ear to ear!!! The energy is so contagious... If you wanna get REAL with yourself, If you want to be a better person, and If you love to be inspired...These ladies are it!!! I love you ladies...My life will never be the same and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!" — Rachel

Would give them 100 stars if I could..

"This podcast has become my new favorite routine in the morning. I love all of the funny stories you tell, as well as the inspiration I get by the time the episode is over. These ladies have so much wisdom and love, it is such an honor to be part of something like this. It feels like I'm hanging out with them in a coffee shop while we share funny stories and talk about how to transform our lives over a cup of joe (liquid gold). There are some episodes that have brought me to tears: this is amazing! LOVE you both! Keep shining!"  — Emily

A breath of fresh air! 

I can't even imagine my mornings anymore without Traci and Kayla being a part of it. First thing I do when I wake up is listen to the "good morning beautiful" mediation from Kayla and then hop on the morning show train. It starts my day off the right way and keeps the flow going for the remainder of my day! Keep up the good work darling ladies! Love love love you :) — Lisa

Love my mornings now :)

Traci and Kayla are the perfect combination of get it done and plan it out. If you’re looking to feel good and move forward in your life you’ll appreciate their candor, honesty and integrity. You’ll laugh, connect and be able to take a good open and honest look at where you are so you can get to where you want to go. Make the most of it, and start listening. You’ll be glad you did! — Claire 

The perfect supportive duo!

I just love Traci & Kayla.. They bring a lightness and ease to spirituality while still sparking real and inspired action. The two are authentic, relatable and totally funny! I guarantee they will elevate your energy!! — Courtney

Start your day with a little magic

So I just found this podcast TODAY and I am already in love. This podcast is exactly what I have been waiting for in my life. I know its been on the air for a few months now, but I have been searching and practicing ways to find my way in this spiritual world of ours and I have found my medicine. Thank you so much ladies for keeping it real and living out your dreams!! — Jessica

I just fell in love!!

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