A safe place to belong..


a safe place to feel & belong

 Take a deep breath in and hold your hand over your heart. If you are here, it is by no mistake. There is something greater than us - guiding us to meet each other.

We have key to unlock the door for you to step into a new reality, one where you thrive - even during the chaos of the world. 

Divine love has answered your call, and "she" is here to talk with you in an unexplainable way. To love you, to heal you, and to guide you through this dark, heavy time.

TO THE SOUL who feels lost, who feels like they are too much, and who has cried out for a miracle to save them.

You have always felt different. Hoping that there was some special purpose that would make all of the pain mean something.

There IS a deeper reason behind WHY you feel the way that you do.

You are here for something BIG. You are here during this great time of change in the world - to be an influence, and to rise the f*ck up against the toxic cycles that have taken so much away from you.


Get ready to step into your destiny, find your purpose, and remember who you are.. who you came here to be in this life. 

You aren't the only one who is feeling this way. The Modern Souls are being called forward. Together we can create miracles and radical changes in our lives.

You are not alone.
Welcome home.

We have created a safe haven for you to heal
one that is full of magic & radical change


Goddess is a source, god/goddess of the universe, divine love.

Traci and Kayla share a unique relationship with an energy named Goddess. She is here speaking through Kayla who is a full body channel for her.

It may be a lot to take in, but the wisdom that comes through will create miracle mindset shifts and healing that impacts your soul. Goddess or "G" has an approachable personality and is looking to connect with YOU. Now we can speak to source as we manifest... uh, that is priceless! 

This is a modern twist on "Abraham" and her love is ready to take over your heart. Channeling just got a makeover.

An Energy Of Divine Love Named "G"

watch the gift video & learn more here

I remember sitting at the table feeling the intensity of G, and before I even said anything - I was crying. Not sad tears, not fearful tears, there was just so much emotion that was coming out. Kayla’s eyes went from this soft blue to this intense blue and I lost all my words, lost all my thoughts. That was pure love & magic.

- dr. Coleen V

"I don’t know if I had ever felt that before, someone directing that much love at me. "

Once you get passed the OMG what is this? - You feel held and loved. It’s just one of those things where you feel completely enveloped. G is hope and inspiration incarnate and the experience of absolute love. There is evidence that there is truth to everything that has been said to me. Things will manifest in your life.

- Sophie Dabbs

"Belief is not necessary. Just come experience something amazing. "

Sitting across from her, I started to get emotional pretty quickly. Feeling her that way was so powerful. The Gift has been one of the most magical experiences for me, and one of the only reasons that I am where I am now. Now I look in the mirror and can see happiness in my eyes. I see happiness in my life and it's amazing. 

- Katherine Baxter

"Now I look in the mirror & see happiness in my eyes. I see happiness in my life."

I could feel this channeled connection that has always been there but was now being shared through Traci and Kayla. Kayla was channeling this perfectly and beautifully and I could feel everything within it. I just trusted. This connection is real and it is meant for us.

Clarie Rinaldi

"I don't feel alone. This channeled connection is real and is meant for us."

I've always been searching for G -for that thing that makes me feel close, that makes me feel like I'm seen, that makes me feel loved. And so having her speak through Kayla was like the best gift because I felt like all of these years of searching and going through all of that pain and all of that abuse, like, wow, you're here, finally I get to talk to you. I found you. 

- Nicole York

"I've always been searching for G. I found you, I'm with you forever. "

- tasia benoit

"Real talk.. it's not preaching, it's not fluffy, but it's still magical."

My intuition said this was the real deal. I remember feeling at peace and just knowing that I might be a little crazy yes, but like this is the truth. And to keep going with it. Real talk and no fluffy things. Real, like shoot straight from the hip as G always does anyway. It's like talking to your auntie or your cousin who has just really good advice. It's not preaching, it's not fluffy, but it's still magical. And I think, that's what draws me in. 

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Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!
Your soul family is waiting for you!

Rather than fighting the real fight, you get lost in perfection and distractions that keep you playing small and dimming your light - leaving you too exhausted for anything else.

The impact of emotional pain and trauma has rewired your brain and ultimately your energy -causing you to manifest in the opposite direction.

"They" or "darkness" has stolen your mind, your choice, and your confidence. They have created doubt in your mind to keep from remembering how powerful you truly are.

Here's the problem...

but unfortunately your lack of confidence in yourself leaves you not even knowing who you are OR what you want.. leaving you paralyzed by any choice you need to make for yourself.


What if instead of feeling trapped, full of doubt, and feeling overwhelmed, you could...

Yeah, we're totally gonna make that happen for you!





Modern Soul Society


A free group community full of modern souls who are exploring the depths of their healing journey in a safe place to belong. With a calendar of online support, live calls & exclusive access to Goddess, to help you find relief and get movement in your life.

Each month we explore a theme in our healing experience that is accompanied by a weekly podcast series led by the voice of Goddess and monthly guided visualizations.

radical transformation from the inside out

Together we Will rise and reclaim our life with the goddess rebellion 

every month has a beautiful message of hope & inspiration

your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here
your miracle is here

You can't heal by reading a book. Change happens with consistent action towards your destiny - with confidence and belief in yourself. 

a deeper look into the modern soul society

Modern Soul Society is an intimate online group healing and manifesting experience  guided by source / "G" / Goddess. She will be teaching her modern techniques & teachings within her signature Law of Contrast theory and methods. 

"G" is here to guide modern souls back to who they were before the world changed them, so that they can become the greatest manifestors of this world. 

Energy management tools are infused with practical magic to elevate your life.

We have live channeled healing with Goddess, classes, group readings, energy clearing calls, manifesting lectures, action step calls, and access to a video library full of inspiring videos to guide your healing journey.

This is the support and the motivation you need in order to make real lasting change in your life. 

You will feel connected with like minded souls who help you feel loved, adored, and embraced. 

Here, you are part of a soul family. 


Feel empowered, find confidence, and connect with G in a deeper way. 

The more connection you have, the faster your healing journey goes.

You won't find Goddess anywhere else...

MODERN SOUL SOCIETY is different, and here's why

and you won't find a mother & daughter collaboration like this either!

Not only do you get access to some of the most unexplainable magic this life has to offer, but you also get a mother / daughter duo to help give a practical breakdown of the channels, methods, and strategies. 

Together they break down everything that Goddess teaches and they infuse a humor that shows a more intimate side of this unexplainable connection. 

You will feel like you are a part of a family, and you are. 

A Modern Soul Society Family.

Traci and Kayla are here to help you move mountains and change your stars. These two share a special bond as mother and daughter that help you feel right at home when you dive into their content. Together they will ignite the hope in your heart that you thought went missing and they will ignite a spark in your soul where you start to uncover your destiny. They have helped thousands of modern souls, just like you, find healing and fulfillment in their lives.

Traci & Kayla

This is where you witness a miracle. The channels are pure gold and truly where the miracles happen. You get to see the voice of love speak to you and connect with you. There will be an opportunity where she takes questions from the viewers. Magic is here and ready for you to experience. 

Goddess Channels

This is where you get the behind the scenes action through Kayla's journey. Each week she will be taking time to teach you her methods of creating more moments worth living and help break down our topics so you can apply them to your daily life. 

Kayla's  Journal

These calls are where your energy will be cleared and your patterns revealed. You will be able to talk to Traci or if you prefer you can post your request in the chatbox. Receive individual mentorship on how to move your mountains to heal from pain.

Clarity & Reset


ONLINE WOrkSHOPS & connection that will leave you wanting more

all calls are hosted via zoom

Move in the direction of your desires. This is a group call where we will be identifying the aligned step for you. There is a chance to talk one on one & get tailored advice. This is where we will get personal clarity on steps to focus on while also learning by listening in a group format. 

Action Step

This is where you can ask Kayla questions in a deep and vulnerable way. Dive deeper into The Law of Contrast, Healing, Emotions, or how to Step into You.

Q &A

This is where we breakdown The Law of Contrast theory and methods, energy management, practical magic tools, energy healing & clearing, and more! We teach energy in a fresh and modern way and like to expand on the guidance we receive from Goddess in her channels. Clarity on how to apply these concepts in your daily life to feel better.  

Lecture & Application

Traci sits down with G in an intimate setting to dive deep into the topics surrounding how to feel better and heal from emotional pain. The vibe of this call is to come hang out for a cup of coffee and talk about deep topics that impact your everyday life.

Coffee with Goddess

Energy ripples are being sent on your behalf. This is where we incorporate energy work towards our desires. Not only do we clear what is in the way, but we clear the path so that the opportunities can come forward. This is a chance to speak your desires out loud.

Calling In

Connection grows confidence. We will have our connecting calls where you can talk about your progress, your fears, your wins, and let the group celebrate you and get to know you better. This is so much fun and creates added support and accountability. 

Connecting Calls



You're never just another email, you're a family member. You have a face, a name, a story... and they know each of us, and our story, and they help us get where we are going, step by step.

"You give your students so much more than what you charge."


You encouraged me to grow and spread my wings at my own pace but were always there to provide a little nudge when you knew I could do more. My life is forever changed.

"My connection with G,  Traci, and Kayla is one that I feel is irreplaceable."


This isn’t just “class.” It is truly connection, and friendships that continue to grow alongside love. What more can you ask for? Trust that you are not alone.

"My confidence has grown like crazy! It's an amazing feeling.."


I can finally say that I am living my life the way it is meant to be lived. Having this available to us really is a miracle. All of it is.

"You've become my family & held my hand during some of my darkest days."


I have also been blessed to have so much healing and guidance the entire time, and I take advantage of every opportunity there is to keep going. 

"I will never forget the day G spoke to me on the call - speechless.."


Trust me, what they teach is real, authentic, and like nothing else out there. The relief and clarity just keep coming as long as I keep doing my part.

"This is like nothing else out there, holy crap - I am in awe"

Words from our modern souls:

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join modern soul society today!
join modern soul society today!
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join modern soul society today!
join modern soul society today!
join modern soul society today!
join modern soul society today!
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join modern soul society today!

An online group community full of support and love and magic - a safe place to heal


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Feeling lost, torn between two worlds: Who I am supposed to be, and who I am meant to be. Where I wanted to be seemed so far from where I was. It felt like I was taking 20 steps back each time I took a step forward. I was waiting for my turn and wondering if it would ever be my turn. I didn't recognize myself anymore.

It was so difficult to feel everything and feel nothing all at once.

Hi, I'm Kayla. A DEEP feeler and vulnerable woman who has had to overcome my own fears and insecurities to fully step into my purpose - channeling "G" for you.

Appearing happy on the outside, but on the inside I was once just like you.

I didn't know what I needed or even where to start, but I knew that I felt broken, lost, and like there was no purpose for my life.

I was trapped by my fears, my doubts, and my insecurities. .

And so my healing journey began.. after the unshedding, the surrendering, and the letting go - I saw myself again.

Now I am in a place of complete acceptance. I have found grace in my journey and I have stepped forward in my life.

I am one of the most confident people you will ever meet and it's through my vulnerability in sharing my healing journey that allows me to help others heal their lives too. 

Life does not wait for you, you have to take it. I am here to channel a loving energy named G so that you can take a chance on you and reclaim the person who you were born to be - before the world changed you.

Are you ready to feel better? I will show you how.
I'd like you to meet..... G.


"I now know Goddess answered my prayers and led me to Traci and Kayla. I can now trust in my ability to make important choices for myself. My life is completely different than anything I had ever imagined it could be.. I just got married!!! Thank you T, K, and G."


"The impact is so big and profound, my life has literally transformed over the last 3 years. I’ve never experienced healing like this in such a short time. I FEEL like a totally different woman, and I just left my job to follow my passion as a healer because of this mentorship. "


"My connection with Traci and Kayla is one that I feel is irreplaceable. I feel that I have truly became a member of a family. I feel like I a genuinely loved. Its hard to believe from the outside looking in that it could be so tightly woven, committed and genuine. I love my soul family."

This could be you!

We don't have a endless love notes for nothing!

Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by
Don't let another opportunity pass you by

There are so many like minded souls, and it feels so pure. I have been in a few other groups that felt as if there was a competition for time with the guides. In the MSS group I feel like we have a family setting where we all encourage one another and we are also encouraged and led in the best direction for us by Traci and Kayla both. 

"What if I don't like facebook groups?"

My confidence has grown like crazy! As I mentioned before, I was not ever one to have much to say on live calls, but now, I will talk without much hesitation. I've become more confident all of the way around. It's an amazing feeling!  I feel that I have truly became a member of a family. I feel like I a genuinely loved. 

"What if I am shy and don't know if I can share in a group?."

Aah, Goddess, who isn't skeptical?! I was! But then during a live channel,  G answered a question I had written down that I was going to touch basis with Traci on at a later time - and Goddess went ahead and answered it for me without my even asking out loud.. no more skepticism for me. I am a firm believer.

"What if I am skeptical of Goddess?"

You may have to choose to heal on your own, but once you do - you aren't alone.

sometimes you just have to take the risk and try it for yourself

We asked some of our modern souls to answer some questions for you..

What was your first experience with Goddess? How has that grown over time? 

"My first experience with Goddess was a personal message from her. I got to ask her one question and she answered it. I started crying while I listened to it. She talked directly to my heart and still does. As time has gone I have started to connect to her more through meditation, watching the channels, channel writing, and for the first time this year meeting her in person. Since then I have come to notice times in my life in childhood and later when I was connecting to her and didn't realize it. She has truly been with me my whole life. Watching and guiding me to where I am now.What would you tell someone unsure about Goddess?" Katherine

"To be honest, the first time I saw a channel of Kayla with Goddess, it felt outside my comfort zone, I didn’t know if I was ready for it. I have always felt some sort of relationship with God(dess)/Spirit in my life, some times in my life more prominent than others. I wanted to believe it, it was interesting to me but also somewhat scary, like channeling, especially channeling Goddess was even more “out there” than I was even though I had been fully into my spiritual journey and working with energy for a while. Last year when I was debating taking the manifesting course I had to decide whether I could “get on board” with the channeling and after some soul searching I decided that I was being guided to do it. Since then, in the last year my relationship with Goddess has grown tremendously, I FEEL connected, I resonate and get healing from each channel and in my own connection with her, and the experience continues to blossom and deepen. I always felt there was something bigger than me out there and now seeing, hearing and feeling the pure love that comes from my connection and through the channels is just magical." Kristin

"I was explaining to a friend the other day that my interactions with Goddess have probably made me more of a believer in God and the afterlife than I previously was. I met Goddess last year in the manifesting experience. When Kayla told me that Goddess led me to them, that she answered my call, I thought this must have been what the disciples felt like. I couldn't believe God called on me to a higher purpose. I had always had that feeling I had a higher purpose and to go through my twenties with so much doubt and sadness I felt like Harry Potter when he discovered magic was real. Magic is real, and all of my childhood interests make sense to me now. I was filled with so much emotion at first it was overwhelming. But there is so much love there, and the feeling you get when Goddess talks one on one with you, I can't even explain it. It's just you finally feel understood and heard and there's information to help guide you one step further on your path. So many moments of clarity." Ashley N

What would you tell someone unsure about Goddess?

"Aah, Goddess, who isn't skeptical?! Yes, I was!! It sometimes takes me a few minutes into the channel to get into the groove, and the first few replays, I was very skeptical. I am a firm believer after having a question answered during a live channel. I had written a question down that I was going to touch basis with Traci on at a later time, and Goddess went ahead and answered it for me at that moment.. no more skepticism for me." Mikki

"Initially, I doubted. I am sure I judge Kayla (I'm sorry!) and wondered what is going on here? But I see how brave Kayla was in sharing Goddess with us. I am probably not the only one, and it felt good to hear Kayla's doubt when she first experienced Goddess. But give it time. Pretty much after the first class, and the first time she talked one to one with me, she knew things I hadn't shared with Kayla. I just knew in my gut it's God/Goddess/source whatever you want to call it. You just need to soften, trust and be open to the experience." Ashley N

"What helped me in the beginning when I was unsure what I believed and how I felt about it all I decided to just close my eyes and listen the message coming forth during the channels rather than watching. Seeing it at first felt overwhelming and somehow harder to focus on the message, to really believe fully , like my head was getting in the way of my heart & soul, but when I listened and allowed myself to soften and feel what would come up listening to those messages I couldn’t deny the connection I felt. The messages really are all love and love like no other, it felt like home because it resonates." Kristin

what would you tell someone on the fence about joining?

"Whenever I’ve gone back and forth wondering whether I should purchase a program I take a moment to feel into why I’m drawn to the course with Traci and Kayla, and then feel into what’s holding me back. If it’s fear of the unknown or of the investment in the course I ask myself what would I choose if I wasn’t letting fear lead the way? If I’m really being called to take a course I know it’s because I’m being guided there and the underlying feel is love, support and investing in my well-being which I know is always worth the investment." Kristin

"I remember feeling nervous sitting at the cart deciding whether or not to purchase the energy clearing course. I felt unsure if I "should" spend my money on it, and nervous because I had never taken a course like that before. I was also a "newbie" and didn't know much about energy. I was nervous yet excited to learn more about energy. The value of learning how to take back control my own energy and feeling understood and supported by Traci and Kayla, and everyone else in the course, was well worth it- my life is forever changed since taking my first course with Traci and Kayla." Carly

"My biggest fear was money and safety. All of my life prior to this experience I put everyone and everything before myself. I have to say this was the event in my life that has made me mindful of choosing me. Looking back now, I can say that need vs want is true as far as still paying bills, meeting my basic needs when combined with taking the course thanks to you and Kayla creating payment plans to meet me where I am. It isn't always easy, sometimes doubt creeps in, but in every instance that fear crept up, all my needs have been met. Taking these courses have helped me to up-level in so many ways especially in shifting my perspective. I felt the fear, but I also felt hope and excitement, and each course I have taken, I have learned something new and I feel better each time. Sometimes it's ok to take a step away, find time for self care and reflection to really feel into how you are feeling about the choice. Each time I do this though the answer is always to say yes." Ashley N

What is your favorite part/moment of working with Traci and Kayla?

"The level of support Traci and Kayla give in their courses is unparalleled to any other course I have taken. They are authentic in their sharing, they truly care about their clients, they bring the best energy to all they do and they connect on such a deep level – that’s my favorite part, the connection." Kristin

"My favorite part about the live experience is the connection. The live classes allow you to ask questions and get immediate feedback. The bond and connection is also formed, and it is fun to interact with everyone else in the class. I have made many friends along the way from being in classes together." Carly

"The connection and the clearing is my favorite part. Every time I get into the class and connect my day becomes happier and brighter. I almost always leave class with a smile on my face, or at least feeling better than when I went onto the call." Katherine

"To have a guide. To have the connection, someone to go to when you have a question along the journey or to check in with and let you know you are accurate in your intuition and who also makes you reflect on yourself and expand the learning experience. Once I feel comfortable with a new strategy, I'm guided to the next step in the process. I honestly feel like you are my "earth guides". I still have so much to learn and build confidence with, but I trust you. Also, I just genuinely "feel good" during the calls, and look forward to every class call." Ashley N

What would you tell someone who is new to Traci and Kayla what to expect? 

"Expect to feel welcomed with love and supported throughout your experience. Expect a journey of guided self healing that will change your life forever." Carly

"Expect deep moments of doubt in the beginning, that will turn into deep connections, excitement, happiness, support, safety. Trust the process and don't be scared to reach out when you have these feelings. Communication is key throughout the process." Ashley N

How IS thiS different than other courses you have purchased from other people? 

"Traci and Kayla’s courses differ from others I’ve experienced because they really tailor their content and examples to the energy of the class, and the individual people in them. Since they are live you can ask questions and get answers that you’re able to able to your specific situation. They are so compassionate and always open to questions. They make the information very relatable and the classes are FUN!" Carly

"I honestly have never purchased courses from other people. I don't feel I need to. All my needs are met, and I know I can trust Traci and Kayla. Whenever I'm at a crossroads in life, they are one of the first people I turn to to talk through it." Ashley N

What is it about Traci and Kayla that keeps you as a VIP Modern soul? 

"Traci and Kayla are the reason I keep purchasing courses; I love them and have come to think of them as my soul family. I feel so grateful to them in my life. They are authentic, inspiring leaders who walk their talk. They show up sharing their heart, their mission and their experiences wholeheartedly and vulnerably which I admire. I don’t know what else to say other than I can “feel” a difference in the type of leaders and teachers they are and it’s reflected in the experiences, growth and healing I receive each time I take a course." Kristin

"Their ongoing support throughout each course; the way they listen without judgement and help me get to the root of what really needs healing as things come up.. they are both very gifted and able to help me read the energy to get clarity and bring forth the truth... and mostly their genuine loving and supportive energy. I am a forever client." Carly

"It is their commitment to their students and their love and compassion that keep me coming back. They feel like a best friend or a sister that you enjoy hanging out with. They really truly care about their students and they do everything they can to give them an amazing experience and help them grow." Katherine

"It's more than just a teacher. They are mentors and friends and truly care about my well being. Again, that connection piece. Just when I think I'm done, they are always coming out with something new and exciting for me to learn. The podcasts initially drew me in. It felt like I was chatting with my friends right away. Then, when I was able to be a part of the conversation it was even more exciting. I also think that because Traci and Kayla have experienced similar challenges in life, albeit in different ways, they can explain things in a way that I'm constantly making connections and applying them to my every day life more than sitting through any sermon ever has." Ashley N

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Want the TL:DR version?

A free group community full of modern souls who are exploring the depths of their healing journey in a safe place to belong. With a calendar of online support, live calls & exclusive access to Goddess, to help you find relief and get movement in your life.

Online classes & In Person Events are available to purchase for our members.