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The world is changing and so are our needs. The pandemic didn't take away the ability to manifest and feel better, but it did teach us how to forget the magic within ourselves. We have been surviving, forgetting how to live. How do we heal? How do we move forward? We have to wake up, the time is now. In order to wake up we need to FEEL. Feel it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. No more pushing down your emotions in hopes that you can pretend to be a match for what you desire. We all want honesty with those who inspire us and that honesty has to start within ourselves. 

Vibration & Feeling

why your manifesting isn't working

Right now it feels like the world is split into two. It's all how you see it. It's all perspective. It's all beliefs. It's all you. You have an opportunity right here today in this moment. It's not easy to change by yourself - we need each other. What’s wrong with today, is the information you need is being hidden from you. The voices out there are telling you to think and focus on your thoughts. Just believe and it will appear. That’s not quite how it works. The missing ingredient required to manifest and reach alignment: VIBRATION AND FEELING.

You must be honest with how you feel. Do not be afraid of the depths you feel. It's your only way out. People want you to fall asleep so that you don't change. If you take control over your energy and reclaim how you feel and what you want.. begin to dream again.. you can change. Thoughts are important, they shape everything, but the only thing more important.. is FEELING. Let yourself feel. Let yourself feel alignment. Choose alignment. 

The missing information hidden from you

Faking happy or pretending that you believe in a better life won't get you anywhere. 

vibration doesn't lie.

Choose Alignment

find the magic in yourself again

The time is now - it's time to wake up. It's time to start feeling, start living, and feeling better. It can all start with movement. Get momentum in the energy with The Alignment Waves and watch your life start to change. 

when we are in survival mode our vibration falls asleep as if we don't exist. daily movement will wake you up and spark your soul.

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Step into You.

movement is like a cup of coffee mindset

changing beliefs with emotion mapping

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Energy gets stored in our bodies especially during stress. The last few years have forced us to withdraw. Movement will help release what is stuck and will move you forward. When you move, so does the energy around you. Get ready - life is about to change.

Use daily movement to help spark your soul and get motion in your vibration. Begin to dream again.

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Traci and Kayla have been energy masters and experts of energy teaching thousands of souls just like you for the last 8 years. No more feeling lost and broken. You will feel your confidence rise as this mother and daughter collaboration takes over your heart and helps you tap into a happiness you never thought was possible. Get ready to feel it all and watch your life transform. 

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