Emotional healing to become the most confident version of yourself & create a life full of more


We all need hope and inspiration during heavy times.
Here we bring you a voice of love and a safe place to BELONG.


a voice of love

This gift will leave you in awe. You will feel connected to the universe as if love herself were speaking directly to you.

This gift is a channeled experience performed by Kayla where you will receive guidance, reminders, and healing - in a modern approachable way. 

Have an open mind, an open heart, and this unexplainable experience will forever change your life.



We are hosting a beautiful virtual group reading for you to experienceTHE GIFT.
Together we will connect with an energy reading and conversation with The Gift as we explore the topic of confidence and redefine self love. This experience will be held online via zoom.
We hope to see you there as we celebrate the launch of The Gift.

6AM - 9am PST


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Confidence is in.

healing from emotional pain requires a different approach in order to experience a life you love. we show you how.

Perfection is out. 

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Follow along with our weekly tv show (hosted on YouTube) where we will be guiding you in practical ways to change your life - and find the magic within you.

You are ready for more  - it's time for the REAL YOU, the confident you.

This is your moment.




Don't believe the lies. 

Rise up against conditioning and step into the most confident era of your life - in spite of the chaos of the world.

hosted by: traci & kayla


the beautiful lies and the ugly truth

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Our top three ways to give you inspiration every week to help guide you to live with intention, heal from emotional pain, and become the most confident version of you.

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Your new favorite mother & daughter duo.

You aren't alone anymore

Traci and Kayla are Life Change Experts who have helped thousands of souls just like you change their life over the last 8 years. No more feeling lost and broken. You will feel your confidence rise as this mother and daughter collaboration takes over your heart and helps feel true hope in yourself.

Get ready to feel it all and watch your life transform. 

Traci & Kayla

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